Cypripedium reginae

There are five genera of lady slippers. I have covered Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium. I have never seen and do not grow Mexipedium, which has only one species, a miniature from- you guessed it- Mexico, and Selinopedium containing six species with small green flowers on giant six foot plants. This leaves the Cypripedium.

Pescatorias by Steve Steiner

Pescatoria is a genus of about 25 species that grow in the cloud forests of South America. They are named after a French orchid grower. Those were the days when you did not have to go into the jungles to have orchids named after you. You just had to spend a lot of money on them.

Lycastes by Steve Steiner

Lycaste Highland Peak ‘Cooksbridge' (grown by Steve Steiner, photo by Kathy Puckett)

Promenaea by Steve Steiner

How I Became Interested In Orchids by Steve Steiner

Masdevallia regina

Another fun article by Steve. This one harkens back a bit...

Growing Phragmipediums by Steve Steiner

Steve Steiner wrote a great article for our Amherst Orchid Society Newsletter in August. I told him how much I liked it and yesterday he graciously offered to have me share it with members of the Crazy Orchid Lady Forum! I am delighted! Thanks, Steve!


And now for the article.....

Growing Phragmipediums by Steve Steiner

An Interview with Matt Wei-Yi Chen of Ten Shin Gardens

Matt Wei-Yi Chen of Ten Shin Gardens

I believe it was five or six years ago when I realized I would need to buy smaller sized cymbidiums if I wanted a collection of them without a greenhouse! Then I discovered Chinese cymbidiums and fell in love with their plant form, foliage patterns, delicate but impressive flowers and wonderful, powerful scent. Unfortunately, they were hard to find and very expensive. Then I found out about Matt and Ten Shin Gardens and the rest is history. My collection of Asian cymbidiums is now up to twenty.

An Interview with Mark Reinke of Marble Branch Farms

Mark Reinke

I believe it was a few years ago that our southern members started to rave about the nice people at Marble Branch Farms. I looked at the website and saw some really exciting new hybrids that I never saw before and of course put in an order! I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the beautiful, healthy plants that arrived soon after. So, I wasn't at all surprised that our very own Lindsey, who won the first Orchid Photo of the Day contest, chose Marble Branch Farms for her gift certificate.

Windham Flowers, A Great Place to Buy Orchids and More

Sally Winchester

It's been years since I started buying orchid plants at Windham Flowers in downtown Brattleboro, Vermont. I can't remember for sure, but I vaguely remember that someone told me to check them out if I liked orchids. Luckily, I had a haircut once a month in Brattleboro and I could stop in and see what they had every month. I was amazed at the large, well-grown variety of plants they sold in bloom. It was like going to an orchid show once a month all year. Needless to say, my collection grew and grew. Best of all, Sally Winchester and her staff became my friends.

Bill Hutchinson, Orchid Grower, Seller and Educator

Bill gives an orchid clinic

I found out the sad news that my friend, Bill, passed away on Wednesday February 19, 2014 at age 84. He will be sorely missed by many, many people. I know that this article pleased him and I am honored that he took the time to tell us his story.